Plus Size Fashion: Black & White Favorites

When it comes to clothing, black is best. I like simple, clean designs and black and white are my go-to’s for every season. You can go really simple and chic with minimal jewelry or you can play it up with chunky, funky jewelry and other accessories.

I’ve chosen some of my favorite picks in black and white for plus size ladies! Check them out below.

One Stop Plus:

One Stop Plus Jessica London Sheath Dress One Stop Plus Fashion Love Color Block Dress

Black Sheath Dress- This one is by Jessica London and incorporates leather and suede. You can wear this to work or out for an evening with the love of your life. Either way, you will look chic and polished.

Black & White Color Block Dress- This dress is by Fashion Love. It’s a fun little number that’s perfect for a night on the town with friends, but depending on where the length falls on you, it could be appropriate for work too!


Target Plus Labworks Blazer and Pants Target Plus Quarter Sleeve Flowy Black Dress

Colorblock Jacket & Ponte Pants- These Labworks pieces are a match made in heaven. The awesome thing about Labworks is that they make their pieces (for Target at least) in ALL sizes, so you can get this outfit in XS Petite all the way to a 4X! The pop of color is welcomed against the black and the leather detail is just the coolest!

3/4 Sleeve Dress- Talk about sexy and flattering! The cut of this dress will give you a strong emphasis on the womanly figure and the length will help elongate your legs. It’s also the perfect length to pop on some tights under and wear your knee high boots!


Nordstrom Plus NIC + ZOE Geo Pop Sweater Nordstrom Plus Eileen Fisher Waxed Black Skinny Pants

Geo Zip Back Sweater- This is by Nic + Zoe. I LOVE over-sized sweatshirts! This one is perfect for those who love to be comfy and still look cute. (ME!) It’s got quite an edge when paired with black pants (like the ones below,) but can be paired with jeans or leggings for a more relaxed look.

Waxed Skinny Jeans- These are by Eileen Fisher. I live and love in black pants. Whether they be dress pants or leggings, I think they are spectacular. These are just a major step up from the regular old pants since they are waxed jean! They can take a plain shirt and make it suddenly look edgy and chic. It’s a simple way to put some umph in your wardrobe.

I hope you guys like this little guide I’ve compiled! I am going to try to get my hands on some of these for myself. What are your go-to’s for the fall?


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The Look for Less: Slouchy Ankle Pants

Eileen Fisher Ankle Pants Forever 21 Ankle Pants

It’s almost time to make the transition from barely there to layers, from mini skirts to maxi skirts, from crop tops to sweaters and from shorts to pants. I have a major addiction to fall/winter clothing, so I am VERY excited. My wallet? Not so much. Do I want to not look homeless when fall comes around? Yes. Do I have the money to not look homeless? Well…MAYBE!

High-end brands, tend to lead the way when it comes to trend-setting, but usually with every high-end piece quickly comes a knock off!

Check out these wardrobe staples! The Eileen Fisher Ankle Pants are $148.00! That’s a bit much for those of us on a budget, but you can get the same effect from the Forever 21+ pair, which rings in at $15.80!

I don’t know about you, but I am all for spending well over $100 less for the same pair of pants!

Happy Saving!


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Ipsy Glam Bag: August 2014

august ipsy bag

Ipsy‘s bag this month was themed “Beauty School” and they requested we write a “tip” on this card to share! My tip is: “Always BLEND! Just when you think you’ve blended enough- BLEND SOME MORE.”

I can’t tell you how many times I do this or see other people leave their foundation (or blush or mascara or bronzer) un-blended. I don’s think anyone just thinks they have done a poor job. I think that people get in too much of a hurry. But BLEND…makeup looks best when you can’t ACTUALLY detect where the foundation or blush or whatever else ends. It should all flow together smoothly to look “natural” and whatnot.

Whew. Enough of my blending rant! This Ipsy bag wasn’t my favorite. It was “eh” to me. I think they weighed too heavily on the Urban Decay product and threw in some crappy ones to fluff the bag. The thing that irked me the most was the TINY products this time. Like, how am I going to put my blush brush in a 1/2″ by 1″ blush? Not happening. Also, the eyeliner is so short…it looks like the length I would just toss out when I am done using the regular sized pencil.

I’m not going to list them all, because none of them really deserve the time of day (in my opinion.) But I am going to let you know that the Perversion Mascara wasn’t my cup of tea and that it’s the SMALLEST mascara sample I’ve ever received. I found that the brush was the size of the tube. Not happy about that.

How were all your August Ipsy bags? Were you impressed?

On the flip side, I do enjoy Ipsy on most months! If you would like to receive Ipsy bags, you can sign up here for $10/month!


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Mini Buffalo Chicken Rolls

Mini Buffalo Chicken Rolls Finished

Give me won tons or give me death! I really don’t know what I would do without won tons when I am dieting. They help get too much “carbiness” out of the way, but still provide a nice “shell” for foods and a great way to divvy up servings. This little recipe was inspired by an AMAZING “Buffalo Egg Roll” I had at a little place near Cleveland, OH. It was HUGE and wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried…so it was more like a chimichanga, but I knew I could make this much more healthy.

These Mini Buffalo Chicken Rolls are a delight and would be awesome to serve as a appetizer for a party or with a salad for dinner like Brett and I did. The broccoli slaw provides a bit of a crunch and a cooling from the buffalo sauce, but I found the cheese in such a small portion doesn’t provide a TON extra. It could be cut out all together if you’re really watching your calories or it could be doubled for a delightfully cheesy experience.

These also ring in at around 33 calories EACH, depending on the ingredients and brands you are using. If you’re interested…the recipe is below!

Mini Chicken Roll Ingredients


8 oz cooked, shredded chicken breast
1/2 cup Frank’s RedHot Sauce (Or to your liking- more/less.)
1 cup broccoli slaw
1/4 cup low fat shredded cheese
24 won ton wraps


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Spray cookie sheet with non-stick spray.
  3. Mix shredded chicken with hot sauce and cheese.
  4. Fill and fold won ton wrappers into tiny little egg rolls.
    (See pictorial step by step below.)
  5. Place fold down on cookie sheet.
  6. Bake for 13-18 minutes or until golden brown/crisp.
  7. Enjoy alone or dipped in more hot sauce or ranch/blue cheese!

Okay, so if you are baffled as to HOW you should fill and fold, this little insight is for YOU. NOTE: On Step 4, you should wet down the open corner to be sure it adheres to the side of the won ton when rolled into step 5.

Folding won ton into mini egg roll


I hope you enjoy! Of course, I would love for you to share pictures of your attempts to make this recipe! Share on Instagram or Twitter and LIKE us on Facebook.


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Mani Monday: Almond by Barry M

Barry M Almond

I’m just going to state this one time and one time only. If I ever saw almonds that were this color, I would NEVER eat those almonds. I’m not sure WHERE the name actually comes from for this polish, but it’s not almond. It’s more like a baby elephant.

Color issues aside, I LOVE this pretty neutral taupe/greige color. It’s pretty cool here in Indiana. We are in the middle of August and I’m ready to make a big switch from summer brights to autumn neutrals and dark colors. I feel like the Gelly Hi-Shine by Barry M in Almond is a perfect transition color. There is something so feminine about this gray!

In typical Brittney form, I applied the Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat first, then 2 coats of Almond and then a big, glossy coat of Seche Vite to top it all off. I can see this polish jumping to the top of my favorites. I don’t often wear nail polishes for longer than a week at a time or really, I don’t repeat polishes too often because of my Mani Monday posts, but I can see myself wearing this one quite often.

Another cool tid-bit! I do not HAVE the color Porchester Square by Nails, Inc., but I have swatched it and they seem to be almost a PERFECT match. So if you live in the UK, this would be an awesome inexpensive dupe. If you live in the US and can’t get your hands on Barry M, then you could splurge for Porchester Square.

May all your manicure dreams come true on this lovely Mani Monday!


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Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Swan Neck

Lancome Grandiose Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara

What I Liked:

  • The New Design: The wand makes the application of this mascara different, but easier than normal mascara wands. It’s so unique!
  • The Look: It made my lashes look pretty nice. I have used mascaras that make my lashes look BETTER but this one has an easy application AND looks nice, so that’s a win.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The Price: This mascara is $32. My favorite mascara is a steep $23. I’ve SPLURGED on a $30 mascara, but honestly, you can get GREAT mascaras from the drugstore from $5-10 bucks. The price is a huge downfall of this mascara.
  • The Smudging: I have searched high and low to see if anyone else has had this issue. I have had HORRIBLE issues with this mascara basically smudging under my eyes. I’ve NEVER had this issue before after wearing for only a few hours. (I have had the issue for wearing all day and evening.) I tried switching out some products I was using on my face to see if it was just too oily of products making it do it, but even with just a powder it still does it. (Pictures below.)

IMG_6461 IMG_6462


The smudging is NOT okay. When I spend $32 on a mascara, I expect a lot. This product did NOT deliver. If Lancome were to come out with a waterproof version, I may try it again. Until then, I am returning this product to Nordstrom. I’m soooo heartbroken about it too. I was looking forward to this product since it was being so hyped on social media!

Has anyone else had this issue with the new Lancome Grandiose mascara?! Please! Tell me I’m not just the odd woman out!


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Mani Monday: Purple Ombre Nails

Purple Ombre with Sparkle Accent

While I feel like a toddler with my lavender nails with a blingy, sparkly ring finger….I love this polish look. It’s so feminine and cutesy!

Purple Ombre Nail PolishPurple Ombre Swatches

I planned out the ombre on a random piece of paper to make sure all the colors were in the right order. (Above.) I did start all of my nails with my Orly Rubberized Base Coat and finished them with Seche Vite.

  • I Lilac You- Rimmel London (1 coat)
  • Afterhours- Urban Outfitters (2 coats)
  • Sweet Lavender- Rimmel London (2 coats)
  • Scoundrel- Butter LONDON (1 coat)
  • Odette- Zoya (1 coat)

I recommend looking through your colors and seeing what kind of ombre you can do! It will give you a chance to use polishes you may have pushed to the side after using or try new ones. I found out that I’m in LOVE with Afterhours since it’s on my hand, and it’s one I would have normally never even thought twice about except it being on my shelf, looking pretty.

Happy MANI MONDAY…may this inspire a marvelous Mani Tuesday!



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